Pulse Suction / Irrigation Pump Hystro / Uro / Laparo

Pulse Suction / Irrigation Pump Hystro / Uro / Laparo
  • The HYSTRO / URO / LAPARO Pump is a state-of-the-art unit which has a fow Rate of 10ml/minute to 1000ml/minute
  • The pressure settings are from 15mmhg to 400mmhg
  • The salient feature of this equipment is that once the desired pressure is attained the pump switches OFF and turns ON automatically once it senses a drop-in pressure thereby maintaining a clear operating feld.
  • The negative pressure is used for suction. This is of tremendous use for evacuation of fuids, renal stone fragments in PCNL and a host of other applications.
  • There is no fuid contamination within the silicon tubing as the operating fuid never touches the sensor.
  • Using the Pulse Irrigation Pump also helps in reducing the wastage of valuable uids.

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