Percutaneous Universal Nephroscopes

Percutaneous Universal Nephroscopes
  • Small sheath calibre but robust construction thanks to the use of top-quality materials such as titanium and stainless steel
  • Large ovalworking channel for auxiliary instruments up to 3.5mm diameter while maintaining efficient irrigation
  • New PANOVIEW PLUS rod lens system for optimum image quality
  • User-friendly with continuous-irrigation option, swivel irrigation ring on the sheath and automatic valve
  • Extended working length–suitable for obese patients
  • PANOVIEW PLUS operating telescope with parallel eleypiece,
  • 20 viewwing direction, capacity 3.5mm
  • WL 224mm, oval instrument chennel, automatic value
  • with sealing membrane (5 pieces / 89.102) and sealing cap.
  • Sheath, 24Fr.
  • Round, with swivel irrigation connector, distal tip
  • straight, automatic locking mechanism, WL 204 mm
  • Hollow obtuator